We have a very strong team and all-rounded instruments teachers over 20 teachers.

MUSIC HORIZON (SAI KUNG) provides top-notch Music playground, the lesson on Piano, Drum, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Cello, Flute, Ukulele, Saxophone, and Vocal.

Also, Learning Horizon (Sai Kung) offer language course of  Mandarin, English, Japanese, French...etc and Tutorial lesson.


Our New year Concerts and Annual Outdoor Concerts are hot topics among the parents, do join us, let the children enjoy the satisfactory on stage!

Besides, we have Pre-Exam Concert for the candidates to build up their confidence before the exam. Half-yearly evaluation is provided for every parent to understand more about the progress of their children.

Please call Music Horizon (Sai Kung) at

 2791 7676  

 9184 2519



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